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Deposits and Payments

All deposits and payments are non-refundable. A deposit is used to secure your event date, for the decor items you have selected upon booking. With a 50% deposit, you are ensuring that Sheila Burki Wedding Decor and the decorations you have chosen will be available exclusively to you on your event date. 

Travel Fee

All clients are subject to a $150.00 travel fee for out of town events. Out of town is considered to be 20 miles from our offices in Stafford, Tx.

Late Fees

All events are required to be paid in full within 30 days prior to the event date. Any events which are not paid at the 30 day prior mark will be subject to late fees. Late fees are staggered depending on the date received. Please see below to determine the amount of late fee charges

3 weeks prior - $100 Additional

2 weeks prior- $200 Additional

1 week prior- $300 Additional

Day of payment- $500 Additional

Damaged or Lost Decor Items

Any items recieved after your event tear down which have been damaged or lost will be your responsibility. The value of each item will be assessed by Sheila Burki Wedding Decor.

Changes to your Event Order

Any changes made by our clients will absolutely be accommodated to the best of our ability based on availability. If the wanted item is not previously booked, we are more than happy to make the change for you at any given time prior to the event.

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